Free Picture Quiz Questions about rock stars and pop stars. There are a lot of singers here but DJs, guitarists, drummers and even bass players appear too.


  1. Who is this rap star guest appearing on The Simpsons?
    50  Cent

    50 Cent

  2. Which US pop singer is this?
    Christina  Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera

  3. This is Judith Anna Pronk - what Europop act does she sing for?
    Alice Deejay

    Alice Deejay

  4. Is this Gary Glitter, Shakin Stevens or Alvin Stardust?
    Alvin Stardust

    Alvin Stardust

  5. Who is the soul singer? Clue: –famous for songs like “Lovely Day” and “Lean on Me”, as well as being the punchline about for a joke about a duck in a microwave.
    Bill  Withers

    Bill Withers

  6. who is this US singer, sometimes known as Lady Day?
    Billie  Holiday

    Billie Holiday

  7. who is this Piano Man?
    Billy  Joel

    Billy Joel

  8. Who is this smooth old yank who was a huge music and movie star until his death in 1977?
    Bing  Crosby

    Bing Crosby

  9. Who is this famous old punk: Captain Silly, Captain Sensible or Captain Chaos?
    Captain  Sensible

    Captain Sensible

  10. Name this singer who has had 6 top 10 singles in the last 5 years (02-06)
    Christina  Milian

    Christina Milian

  11. What is the name of this American pop singer? Clue: her surname is (almost) the same as a city in Northern Italy.
    Christina Milian (clue  refers to Italian City: Milan)

    Christina Milian (clue refers to Italian City: Milan)

  12. Who is this old rocker? Clue: his name includes a type of food.
    Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry

  13. Name this super slick UK singer?
    Craig David

    Craig David

  14. Who is the British pop star in cartoon form?
    David  Bowie

    David Bowie

  15. Is this Alice Deejay, DJ Sammy or Ian van Dahl?
    DJ  Sammy

    DJ Sammy

  16. What 80s New Romantic band was this heartthrob hunk a member of?
    Duran Duran (its  Nick Rhodes)

    Duran Duran (its Nick Rhodes)

  17. What UK band has this bloke been fronting for years?
    The  Fall (its Mark E Smith)

    The Fall (its Mark E Smith)

  18. What appropriate name does this overweight rapper give himself?
    Fatman  Scoop

    Fatman Scoop

  19. Who is this music legend?
    Freddie  Mercury

    Freddie Mercury

  20. Name the pervert
    Gary  Glitter

    Gary Glitter

  21. Name the pervert
    Gary  Glitter

    Gary Glitter

  22. What is the name of this pop star? Clues: picture is from the 1980s but he is still having hits now.
    George  Michael

    George Michael

  23. Which Beatle is this?
    George  Harrison

    George Harrison

  24. This is one member of the animated band 'Gorillaz' but is it a he or a she?
    She (character  is called 'Noodle')

    She (character is called 'Noodle')

  25. Name this US pop singer
    Gwen  Stefani

    Gwen Stefani

  26. Name this US pop singer
    Gwen  Stefani

    Gwen Stefani

  27. Who's the rapper with the cold name?
    Ice Cube

    Ice Cube

  28. Name the US punk superstar?
    Iggy Pop

    Iggy Pop

  29. Who's this bird who missed out on getting into Girls Aloud and instead has enjoyed a semi-successful solo career?


  30. Who is this:a Canadian folk singer who is also known as a painter?
    Joni  Mitchell

    Joni Mitchell

  31. This is one of the members of Keane and he's called Richard but what instrument does he play?
    Drums (Richard  Hughes)

    Drums (Richard Hughes)

  32. Is this a member of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Who??
    The  Who (its Keith Mon)

    The Who (its Keith Mon)

  33. Which classic rock band was this man a member of: Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, or The Who?
    The Who  (its Keith Moon in 1975)

    The Who (its Keith Moon in 1975)

  34. Who is the singer – from New York City, born in 1979?


  35. What is the name of this famous 20th century American trumpeter and singer?
    Louis  Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong

  36. Who is this American rapper? Clue his name sounds like a word which means “idiotic”.


  37. Who is this?
    Marilyn  Manson

    Marilyn Manson

  38. Name this jazz legend?
    Mongo  Santamaria

    Mongo Santamaria

  39. Is this singer called Sunny, Moony or Venus?


  40. Name this US pop singer who had most success in the 70s?
    Neil  Diamond

    Neil Diamond

  41. Name this depressing dead singer?
    Nick  Drake

    Nick Drake

  42. This is Sam. What Manchester Indie band is he the frontman for?
    Nine Black  Alps

    Nine Black Alps

  43. Is this rap star alive or dead?
    Ol’ Dirty  Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan, died 2004

    Dead (its Ol’ Dirty Bastard out of the Wu Tang Clan, died 2004)

  44. Who is the British musician – a guy who has had hit records in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s?
    Paul  Weller

    Paul Weller

  45. Name the famous US musician (this is him when he was quite young)
    Prince  (photo from 1977)

    Prince (photo from 1977)

  46. What US rock band is this guy the lead guitarist for?
    Bon Jovi  (its Richie Sambora)

    Bon Jovi (its Richie Sambora)

  47. Who's this singer-songwriter type who released his first album in 1998?
    Rufus  Wainwright

    Rufus Wainwright

  48. Which member of Steps is this: Claire, Faye, or Lisa?
    Faye  Tozer from Steps


  49. What is the name of this legendary US protest singer?
    Woody  Guthrie

    Woody Guthrie

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