Free picture quiz questions all about sport.

  1. This is from the Mexico 1970 World Cup. Which two teams are playing?
    England &  West Germany (give one point for each right answer)

    England & West Germany (give one point for each right answer)

  2. Which Olympic Gams used this logo
    Beijing Olympic  Logo

    Beijing 2008

  3. Which newspaper came up with this classic football headline?
    The Sun

    The Sun

  4. Which sport is regulated in England by a governing body with this badge?
    Cricket (ECB =  England & Wales Cricket Board)

    Cricket (ECB = England & Wales Cricket Board)

  5. In which sport is this trophy the world cup?


  6. Which famous sporting trophy is this?
    FA Cup

    English FA cup

  7. What sport do you have to play to win this famous trophy?
    The Claret Jug - trophy for The British Open

    Golf (it’s the Claret Jug trophy for the British Open)

  8. Which football trophy is Arsene Wenger holding?
    Premiership trophy

    The English Premiership

  9. What sport do you have to play to win this trophy?
    Ryder Cup

    Golf (it’s the Ryder Cup)

  10. What trophy is this?
    The Ryder Cup

    The Ryder Cup

  11. What sport is played to win this trophy?
    Ice Hockey  (Stanley Cup)

    Ice Hockey (Stanley Cup)

  12. What football trophy is this?
    UEFA cup

    UEFA cup

  13. That’s Diego Maradona, but what trophy is he holding?
    The UEFA cup which Diego Maradona won while playing with Italian  club Napoli

    The UEFA cup which he won while playing with Italian club Napoli

  14. What Grand Slam tennis trophy is Kim Clijsters holding in this picture from 2005?
    The US  Open

    The US Open

  15. In which sport is this trophy the world cup?
    Rugby Union

    Rugby Union

  16. How tall, in centimetres, is the world cup trophy?
    world cup trophy

    36.5 cm

  17. Which Scottish football team play in this stadium, which was one of the first football grounds in Britain to be all-seated.
    Pittodrie,  Aberdeen's football ground


  18. In which European city is this soccer stadium?
    Amsterdam Arena


  19. What British horse racecourse does this grandstand belong to?
    Ascot new  stand


  20. Which Scottish football ground is this?


  21. What Glasgow football stadium is this?
    Celtic Park  from the air

    Celtic Park

  22. Which Scottish football team plays in this stadium?
    East End Park, home of Dunfermline AFC

    Dunfermline Athletic FC (its East End Park)

  23. In which country is this motor racing circuit?
    Hockenheim motor race F1 circuit

    Germany (its Hockenheim)

  24. Which Scottish football club played here for over a hundred years before they moved to a new ground in 2009?
    Love  Street, former home of St Mirren FC

    St Mirren

  25. Judging by the styles and the development of bobsled technology, what year do you think this photo was taken – get within 10 years for points
    bobsleigh  history


  26. What year was this photo taken at Wembley of Scottish fans celebrating a 2-1 win over England?
    Wembley stadium  1977


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