Free Quiz Questions about the James Bond Movies

  1. How many James Bond films did Pierce Brosnan do?

    4 (Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day)

  2. In the Bond movie A View To A Kill, what catastrophe is the bad guy plotting to unleash: a huge earthquake, a nuclear war, or a fast-spreading deadly virus?

    Earthquake (caused by a bomb in the San Andreas fault)

  3. In the Bond movie The World is Not Enough, which Scottish actor plays a bad guy called Renard?

    Robert Carlyle

  4. In the Bond movie, License to Kill, who was Bond, who did the theme record and what year did it come out?

    Timothy Dalton, 1989, Gladys Knight and The Pips

  5. In the James Bond movie Moonraker, what is the name the evil super-villain from the film and his metal-jawed henchman.

    Hugo Drax, Jaws

  6. In which James Bond film did Sean Bean play 006?


  7. In which James Bond film did Telly Savalas play the villain Blofeld?

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  8. Jane Seymour playing Solitaire - Name the Bond Movie

    Live And Let Die

  9. Peter Snow nearly became James Bond when he auditioned for Never Say Never Again. Was he rejected: because his voice was wrong, rejected cos too tall or was he offered the part but refused because he had better things to do?

    he was too tall

  10. What is the name of the famous character in Goldfinger who runs a flying school for female pilots?

    Pussy Galore

  11. What is the name of the guy who is going to be the new James Bond?

    Daniel Craig

  12. What is the name of the latest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig?

    Casino Royale

  13. What title of a hit record by Ash is the same as the title of a James Bond Film?


  14. What was only James Bond film to star George Lazenby as James Bond?

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  15. What was the first James Bond film?

    Doctor No

  16. What was the last of the four James Bond movies to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond?

    Die Another Day

  17. Which 1980s Bond film theme was a hit for Scots singer Sheena Easton?

    For Your Eyes Only

  18. Which 1999 James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan featured a female scientist called Christmas Jones?

    The World is Not Enough

  19. Which actor played James Bond in "Live and Let Die"?

    Roger Moore

  20. Which band sung the theme tune for the 1987 James Bond Movie- The Living Daylights?


  21. Which Bond film did Duran Duran do the theme song for?

    A View To A Kill

  22. Which Bond movie does the character Pussy Galore feature in?


  23. Which bond theme did Sheena Easton sing back in 1981?

    For Your Eyes Only

  24. Which James Bond film did Tom Jones sing the titles for?


  25. Which James Bond film featured the song We Have All The Time In The World, as sung by Louis Armstrong?

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

  26. Which James Bond movie did Madonna record the theme music for?

    Die Another Day

  27. Which James Bond movie features a bond girl called Honey Ryder?

    Doctor No

  28. Which James Bond movie starring Roger Moore was partly shot in Jamaica?

    Live And Let Die

  29. Which was the first Bond Movie to star Roger Moore?

    Live and Let Die

  30. Who played James Bond in the 1971 film: Diamonds Are Forever?

    Sean Connery

  31. Who played James Bond in the 'Moonraker'?

    Roger Moore

  32. Who plays 007 in the film called Never Say Never Again?

    Sean Connery

  33. Who plays James Bond in 'Never Say Never Again'?

    Sean Connery

  34. Who plays James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me?

    Roger Moore

  35. Who was writer Ian Fleming’s first choice to play Bond in the first Bond movie: Roger Moore, David Niven, or Clint Eastwood?

    Roger Moore

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