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Free Quiz Questions about Live Music, gigs and festivals etc.

  1. At Live Aid in 1985 – what kind of haircut did Bono have: a skinhead, a flat top or a mullet?


  2. Duran Duran played at the Live 8 concerts in 2005 – but in which country?

    Italy (Rome)

  3. During which month of the year does T in The Park usually take place?


  4. If you born on the same day as Live Aid, what star sign would you be and how old would you be?

    Cancer [1985]

  5. If you were born on the same day as Live Aid, how old would you be and what star sign would you be?

    [1985], Cancer

  6. Michael Eavis is organiser of which music festival which began in 1970?


  7. Name any one of the songs which Madonna perofrmed at the Live Earth gig in July 2007 at Wembley

    Hung Up, La Isla Bonita, Ray of Light, Hey You

  8. Name either of the songs that The Who played at the Hyde Park Live 8 concert in 2005?

    Who Are You and Won’t Get Fooled Again

  9. What 35 ft-high fruit did U2 become stuck inside on the Norway leg of their 1997 popmart tour?


  10. What American City hosted the second leg of Live Aid in 1985?


  11. What Beatles song rounded off the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park in 2005?

    Hey Jude

  12. What British male act performed at the half time show at the year 2000 Superbowl: David Bowie, Phil Collins or Chas n Dave?


  13. What did Shania Twain take with her on her 1998 world tour: her helicopter or her horse or her collection of porn videos?


  14. What was the average age of the performers at the Live8 concerts (all around the world)?

    41 years old

  15. Where did the Beatles play their last-ever live concert: Liverpool, Glasgow or San Francisco?

    San Francisco

  16. Where was the New York Dolls’ first gig in 1971: a public library, a public toilet or a homeless shelter?

    Homeless shelter (called the Endicott Hotel)

  17. Which American metal band demanded 2 dustbins full of animal entrails for their performance at Gig On The Green in Glasgow in 2002?


  18. Which American rock band appeared at the Hyde Park, Live 8 concert in to play songs called Do It For The Kids, Fall To Pieces, and Slither?

    Velvet Revolver

  19. Which British artiste performed at the half time show at the Superbowl in the year 2000? Was it Phil Collins, David Bowie or Chas n Dave?

    Phil Collins

  20. Which folk duo attracted a crowd of half a million fans to their free concert in Central Park New York in 1981: Simon & Garfunkel or Sonny & Cher?

    Simon & Garfunkel

  21. Which gigantic music star played both the American leg and British leg of Live Aid in 1985, transferring between the two gigs by Concorde?

    Phil Collins

  22. Which massive music event was jointly hosted in 1985 by London in England and Philadelphia in the USA?

    Live Aid

  23. Which song with a 3-letter title did U2 perform a 13-minute version of at Live Aid in 1985?


  24. Who headlined the biggest concert in history when 3 million people showed up to a gig in Brazil: was it Phil Collins, Rod Stewart or Elton John?

    Rod Stewart

  25. Who performed at Live Aid in 1985 with a mullet haircut: Freddie Mercury, Bono or Shakin Stevens?


  26. Who sung the Star Spangled Banner for troops returning from the first gulf war at a ceremony in Texas: Whitney Houston, Aerosmith or Freddy Mercury

    Whitney Houston

  27. Who was the first band on stage at Live Aid: Queen, U2 or Status Quo?

    Status Quo

  28. Why did the Royal National Institute for the Blind criticise Live 8: was it because the tickets were available by text message only, was it because blind people couldn’t take their dogs into the arena, or was it because they think Bob Geldof is a prat?

    Text message [claimed it automatically excludes blind people]

  29. In which European capital city did the annual techno-music festival, the Love Parade begin in 1989?


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