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  1. A survey of Rolling Stones fans asked for their favourite Stones track ever. Which tune came top: Brown Sugar, Jumpin’ Jack Flash or Honky Tonk Women?

    Jumpin Jack Flash

  2. As at January 2001, what has been the most aired video in MTV`s history?`

    Sledgehammer` by Peter Gabriel

  3. Bands sometimes release an EP – what do the letters EP stand for?

    Extended Play

  4. Before Franz Ferdinand in 2005 – who wre the last Scottish band to win the “Best British Band” title at the Brit Awards? [optional clue: in year 2000]


  5. Deep Purple were one of the loudest rock bands ever. But were they British, American or German?


  6. Early in her career, Madonna was in a band called Breakfast Club. What instrument did she play: guitar, drums or banjo?


  7. Gnarls Barkley were number one in 2006 with the song “Crazy” – but are they a British act, an American act or a European act?


  8. How did The Exploited get caught for making money from rock whilst signing on in 1982. Did their dole officer go to see one of their gigs, did he recognise the band from a poster or did he see them perform on Top Of The Pops?

    Saw them on Top of the Pops

  9. In an interview with the Face magazine, Janet Jackson was asked what the strangest gift she ever received from a fan was. What did she say: a jar of semen, a cyanide suicide pill or tickets to see Barry Manilow?

    Jar of spunk

  10. In Guns n Roses, what instrument did Duff McKagan play?

    Bass guitar

  11. In which of their no.1 hits of the 70s do ABBA mention a tambourine?

    Dancing Queen

  12. Is the pop singer Kelis British, American or German?


  13. Kerrang rock magazine published a greatest single ever poll in 2002. Who came top? Queen, Nirvana or Slipknot? Bonus for naming song

    Nirvana – smells like teen spirit

  14. Mark Snow had a hit single in 1996 with the theme from which TV series?

    The X-Files

  15. On the 2004 version of Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas, who sings the line "And in our world of plenty, we can spread a smile of joy"?


  16. On the 2004 version of Band Aid song Do They Know It's Christmas, who sings the line "Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time"?


  17. On the BBC Childrens TV programme Record Breakers, what musical instrument did Roy Castle usually play at the end of the show?


  18. Out of The Clash, The Damned and The Sex Pistols, who are the only band out not to be inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in the USA?

    The Damned

  19. Out of the original six beach boys- how many made it to the 21st century without dying?

    4 still alive at 1st Jan 2001

  20. Some guy is bringing out a book which attempts to explain the meaning and story behind every Radiohead song. IS it called “Karma Police” or is it called “I Am An Idiot

    Karma Police

  21. The 2006 Children in Need single was Lee Mead singing Any Dream Will Do. Did it get to number one in the singles charts: yes or no?

    No [Number 2]

  22. The MOBO awards are handed out every year – what does MOBO stand for?

    Music Of Black Origin

  23. What 80s band from London featured a flying saxophonist in one of their videos?

    Madness ( song was Baggy Trousers)

  24. What 90s band advertised themselves with a picture of a cow and the slogan "cool as fuck"?

    Inspiral Carpets

  25. What animal was Justin Timberlake dressed up as on Top Of The Pops in 2003? A monkey, a dolphin or a horse?


  26. What band won the outstanding contribution to music award at the 1999 Brit's?


  27. What band, most famous for their disco output, took the concept of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and turned it into a flop musical film in 1978?

    Bee Gees

  28. What country is the recording artist King Tubby from?


  29. What Glasgow record label discovered Daft Punk several years before they were famous


  30. What instrument did Dave Clark play of the Dave Clark 5


  31. What instrument did Lionel Richie play when he was in The Commodores: keyboard, saxophone or bass guitar?


  32. What instrument was the Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie most famous for playing?


  33. What instrument was the Jazz musician Louis Armstrong most famous for playing?


  34. What is Ringo Starr holding on the cover of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearrs CLub Band: A musical instrument, an item of clothing, someone else’s hand

    a trumpet

  35. What is the first word of the song Jingle Bells?


  36. What is the name of the town where the Jacksons were born and raised? Gary, Clive or Rolf?

    Gary, Indiana.

  37. What make of car was advertised with The Bluebells song Young At Heart in 1993?


  38. What musical instrument was the Jazz legend Charlie Parker most famous for playing?


  39. What Scandinavian country did both the bands Roxette and The Cardigans both come from?


  40. What town were Scottish punk band The Skids from: Dunfermline, Dumbarton or Dundee?


  41. What was the name of Britain’s first pop TV programme in 1956 and was later the title of a hit song for the band Squeeze?

    Cool For Cats

  42. What was the name of The Beatles' first film?

    Hard Day's Night

  43. What was the name of the S Club Movie which came out in 2003?

    Seeing Double

  44. When Michael Jackson first performed the Moonwalk on TV in 1983 – what song was he singing?

    Billie Jean

  45. Where (town) were the Bay City Rollers from?


  46. Where are Hot Chocolate from: Britain, USA or Germany?


  47. Where are the heavy metal band Slayer from: are they British, American or German?


  48. Where in Scotland did the singer Annie Lennox grow up: Aberdeen, Dundee or Glasgow?


  49. Where was 1990s pop sensation DJ SASH! from: Spain, Germany or Greece?


  50. Where was Elton John's Candle in the Wind for Princess Diana in the top ten singles chart for 111 weeks? India, Canada or Australia?


  51. Where was Freddy Mercury born: Africa, India or Birmingham?

    Africa (Zanzibar)

  52. Which American legend of music died on Christmas Day in 2006 before being laid out in a gold coffin in a New York theatre?

    James Brown

  53. Which American rock star played a bus driver in the Spice Girls movie `Spiceworld`?


  54. Which American solo pop star appeared in films in the 1980s called Under The Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge?


  55. Which Aston Villa supporter made a name for himself as a classical violinist in the late 1980s and sold over 2 million copies of his recording of The Four Seasons?

    Nigel Kennedy

  56. Which band won Best Breakthrough Act at the 2007 BRIT Awards: The Kooks, The View or The Fratellis?

    The Fratellis

  57. Which British pop band released a movie in 2003 called Seeing Double, just prior to splitting up?

    S Club (aka S Club 7)

  58. Which British singer and songwriter who has won 8 Brit awards, 4 Grammy Awards and an Oscar was born on Christmas Day 1954 in Aberdeen?

    Annie Lennox

  59. Which Cher song was promoted with a video which saw her sitting astride the 16 inch guns of an US Navy Battleship, the USS Missouri and wearing a body-stocking that would frighten children?

    If I Could Turn Back Time

  60. Which Christmas Carol includes the word “dismay” in its second line: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen or Good King Wenceslas?

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Let nothing you dismay)

  61. Which comedian reached the Christmas Number one spot in the UK charts of 1971 with a song about a milkman?

    Benny Hill (song was called Ernie, The Fastetst Milkman in The West)

  62. Which English city is the home town of bands The Wedding Present, The Music, and The Kaiser Chiefs?


  63. Which famous DJ was the first ever presenter of the TV show Top of The Pops, back in 1964? Clue: he's still alive.

    Jimmy Savile

  64. Which former Beatle had a record banned from radio in 1999 because it contained the words “fucking” and “dick”?

    McCartney – song was called The Light Comes From Within

  65. Which number one hit record of 1993 was promoted with a video where the performers were dancing around inside a huge pinball machine?

    No Limits (by 2 Unlimited)

  66. Which of these music stars has sold the most calendars ever: Kylie Minogue, The Spice Girls or Cliff Richard?

    Cliff Richard

  67. Which of these musicians has won most Brit awards in their career: Phil Collins, Cliff Richard or Robbie Williams?

    Robbie Williams

  68. Which one of these DJs are Dutch: DJ Sash! - DJ Sammy or Alice Deejay?

    Alice Deejay

  69. Which one of these pop bands were from Holland: Ace of Base, Aqua or The Vengaboys?


  70. Which one out of Chas and Dave plays the piano: Chas or Dave?


  71. Which punk band is the subject of a film called End of The Century, which was out at the movies in Jan 2005?

    The Ramones

  72. Which rock band have won more Grammy awards than any other: Pink Floyd, U2, or Guns n Roses?


  73. Which Scottish singer has won the BRIT Award for best British Female solo artist six times?

    Annie Lennox

  74. Which song spent most of 1984 in the charts despite being banned by the BBC

    RELAX by Frankie goes to Hollywood

  75. Which TV comedians had a hit record in the 1970s called The Funky Gibbon: was it Monty Python, The Goodies, or The Two Ronnies?

    The Goodies [got to number 4 in UK charts]

  76. Which TV music show featured dancing troupes known as Pan’s People and Legs & Co?

    Top of The Pops

  77. Which two Radio One DJs had a hit with it Takes Two Baby in ....?

    Bruno Brookes and Liz Kershaw.

  78. Which US city plays host to the annual South by Southwest music festival?

    Austin, Texas

  79. Which US City was the original home of Motown records and was the setting for Eminem’s film 8 Mile?


  80. Which US state were BB King, Muddy Waters and Elvis Presley all born in?


  81. Who came top of a recent MTV poll to find the most memorable pop video of all time: Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams or Peter Gabriel?[dec 2005]

    Michael Jackson (Thriller)

  82. Who caused uproar at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 by daring to play an electric guitar?

    Bob Dylan

  83. Who has been measured as having the fans with the loudest screams (measured at 130 decibels): McFly, Gareth Gates, or Radiohead?

    Gareth Gates

  84. Who has won the most BRIT awards in their career: Robbie Williams, U2 or Michelle McManus?

    Robbie Williams

  85. Who sang the first line on Band Aid 20’s version of Do They Know It’s Christmas?

    Chris Martin (singer from Coldplay)

  86. Who were the first of these children’s TV characters reach number one in the UK singles charts: The Teletubbies, The Tweenies or The Wombles?

    The Teletubbies (Teletubbies say Eh-Oh in 1997)

  87. Who won most awards at 1999 Smash Hits awards including best band? Boyzone, Backstreet Boys or Steps?

    Backstreet Boys

  88. Whose released a pop video for a song called Cinnamon Girl which featured an Arab-American girl blowing up an airport with a suicide bomb: Eminem. Prince or Girls Aloud?


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