Free Quiz Questions on Human Culture. Topics include Eskimoes, boy scouts and public executions

  1. How many people are there in the UK with the surname Smith: 1 million, 5 million or 10 million?

    1 million

  2. In the 1970s, what was the most popular name for a UK boy baby: Clue: same name as one of the blokes out of Take That.


  3. In the UK, the two top surnames are Smith and Jones, but which name is in third place: Williams, McDonald or Davies?


  4. Most popular name for a baby boy in Britain in 1975? Paul, David or Stephen


  5. Most popular name for a boy born in the UK in 1970? Mark, Richard or Graham?


  6. Smith is the most common surname in Scotland. What is next: Jones, Brown or McDonald?


  7. Smith is the most common UK surname. What are the next two?

    Jones and Williams

  8. What was the most common baby name for a boy in Britain 2000: Jack, Matthew or John?


  9. What was the most common name for a UK baby girl born in 2005: Charlotte, Chloe or Claire?


  10. What was the most popular name for a baby girl born in Britain in 1975: Claire, Susan or Alison? [includes all variant spelling of the names]


  11. What was the most popular name for a British girl born in 1970. Tracey, Sarah or Wendy?


  12. What was the most popular name for an Aussie boy, born 1970? Bruce, Wayne or Darren?


  13. Which people in Europe spend the most money per capita on eating out: Brits, Italians or Greeks?


  14. Do more people in the world eat their dinner with knife and fork or chopsticks?


  15. How do you show someone respect in Tibet: Do you stick your tongue out at them, do you belch at them or do you hold your hands over your eyes when they’re talking to you?

    Stick tongue out

  16. How many fingers does a boy scout salute with?

    3 fingers

  17. In China, wee girls wear blue but what colour do wee boys wear: red, green or black?


  18. In Japan what is Seppuku?

    Hari Kari - suicide

  19. In the year 2006 do most Eskimos live in still live igloos or do most of them now live in proper houses?

    Proper houses [NB – research shows that Eskimo is just as valid a term as Inuit]

  20. Instead of man in the moon, what do Chinese folks have? Swallow, Toad or Monkey?


  21. Just about every week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia there are public executions – but what day of the week do the executions take place: Monday or Friday?


  22. Of you go to Tibet and some guy sticks his tongue out at you is he being polite or rude?


  23. What colour do Chinese people wear when they're mourning: black, white or red?


  24. What colour sari does an Indian bride traditionally wear at her wedding: white, red or yellow?


  25. What do Hong Kong triads have to do at their initiation ceremonies? Do they have to drink blood, Kill a dog with their bare hands or do they have to take all their clothes off and sing a song.

    Drink Blood

  26. What do Peruvian Indians wash their babies in to protect them from evil spirits: Monkey Milk, Pig Sweat or Llama Urine?

    Llama Urine

  27. What is the higher honour: an MBE or an OBE?


  28. What is the main ingredient in a Molotov Cocktail?


  29. What is the more prestigious honour: an MBE, a CBE or an OBE?


  30. When the aborigine men of the Walibri tribe in Australia meet each other what do they do? Do they rub chests, Do they shake penises or do they headbang each other?

    Shake penises

  31. What tune is most requested for funerals in the UK: My Way by Frank Sinatra, Angels by Robbie Williams or I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston?

    My Way by Sinatra

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