Free Quiz Questions on business, money and work. Topics include advertising, brands, zoos, schools and taking a sickie.

  1. What was the average UK salary for year 2004-05 (

    £ 22,900 GBP

  2. What is the national average HOUSEHOLD earnings for a UK household, summer 2004?

    £29,374 GBP

  3. According to a recent study [2006] – what is the cash value of the average possessions in a UK household?

    £44,447 GBP

  4. According to figures, what percentage of people in the UK phoned in sick to get time off work during the 2002 World Cup in order to watch games on the telly? 1% or 30%

    1 per cent

  5. Unless you ask otherwise, how many slices will Domino’s cut a large pizza into?

    10 slices

  6. Within twenty miles per hour, how fast is the world’s fastest rollercoaster?

    128 mph (the Kingda Ka rollercoaster in New Jersey, USA) [accept answers 108-148 mph]

  7. What percentage of modern day British farmers actually have a scarecrow?

    28 per cent

  8. Audi cars logo is made out of rings: how many?

    4 rings

  9. In inches, how long a Royal Bank of Scotland one pound note?

    5 inches

  10. In 2001, a boy from Surrey became the youngest person to ever pass a GCSE. How old was he when he sat the exam?

    5 years (and 11 months)

  11. How many sheets of paper are there in a ream: 50, 500 or 5000?

    500 sheets

  12. In a survey, Americans were asked whether or not they would continue working if they won $10 million on the lottery. What percentage said yes, they would continue?

    55 per cent

  13. How many zeroes in a government billion?

    9 zeros (1,000,000,000) - aka a thousand million

  14. What toy started being sold with 'Eagle Eyes' from 1976?

    Action Man

  15. Who are the most expensive professionals to insure: Astronauts, Grand Prix drivers or professional deep sea divers?


  16. According to figures from last year (2005): in which country is it cheapest to buy a top ten CD: Scotland, Spain or Australia?


  17. Which former British colony was the first country in the world to issue plastic banknotes, in 1988?


  18. Which house pays more council tax: Band A or Band H?

    band H is higher

  19. According to a recent study, who are the happiest in their work: beauticians, nurses or postmen?


  20. What are shopkeepers in Dumfries planning to buy in an effort to defeat the seagulls that plague the town's main street? An ultrasonic scarecrow, ten high-powered strobe lights or some birds of prey?

    birds of prey

  21. What colour are both of the letter Gs on the Google logo?


  22. What is the bestselling colour of toothbrush in the UK: red or blue, or green?


  23. Which product, which you can still buy in supermarkets today, was originally marketed as "liquid beef"?


  24. According to a report from 2002, are British schoolkids the brightest in Europe or the Stupidest in Europe?


  25. What is the biggest selling bottled beer in Scotland? Budweiser, Stella or Becks?


  26. What is the top selling beer brand in the world: Budweiser, Guinness or Heineken? (2002 figures)


  27. What are there more of in Britain: Butchers, Fishmongers or Charity Shops?

    butchers (ten thousand of them)

  28. What is the top selling bunch of flowers in Britain: roses, tulips or carnations (most bunches sold)?


  29. What is the best selling perfume in the world? [brand and name]

    Chanel No.5

  30. What are the most popular animals at London zoo: The Elephants, the chimpanzees or the tigers?


  31. What is the name of the UK’s largest Mexican food outlet which has 61 branches (as of Mar 2009)?


  32. For a few years in the 1990s, Coco Pops were called something else. What?

    Choco Krispies

  33. Which product was on sale first: Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola or Persil washing powder?

    Coca Cola (1886)

  34. What is Britain’s second biggest selling Daily newspaper after The Sun?

    Daily Mail

  35. Which of these British daily newspapers usually sells most copies: The Daily Mail, The Daily Star or the Daily Mirror?

    Daily Mail

  36. Scottish B&B owners were asked what guests caused them the most trouble. Did they say Scottish guests, English guests or foreign guests?


  37. Which is bigger: the annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Ethiopia, or the annual turnover of Starbucks the coffee chain?

    Ethiopian GDP is 33% bigger (2006)

  38. Are there more male or female millionaires in Britain?


  39. In home buying what does GCH stand for in the particulars?

    Gas Central Heating

  40. Has sausage consumption in Britain gone up 25% over the last 5 years or dropped 25% over the last 5 years?

    Gone up

  41. Who was "Nike"? A Greek Goddess, a Swedish Olympic swimmer of the 1930s or a character in a play by Oscar Wilde?

    Greek Goddess of Victory.

  42. In the Google logo on, what colour is the letter "L"?


  43. Which entertainment company's trademark includes Nipper The Dog?


  44. Disney World in Florida has only ever been closed for one day since its 1971 opening. Why? Hurricane, Earthquake or The funeral of Princess Diana?


  45. Who are the laziest workers in America according to a new US survey: insurance office workers, policemen or teachers?

    Insurance workers

  46. What in business terms is the IMF?

    International Monetary Fund

  47. In the UK, which workers are more likely to have a tattoo: journalists, teachers or nurses?


  48. What is the biggest selling chocolate bar in the UK: Kit Kat, Mars or Twix?

    Kit Kat

  49. Which brand of shampoo advertises with the slogan “You’re Worth It”?


  50. What kind of shop is high steret chain Ann Summers?

    lingerie and sex toys

  51. According to a recent survey of Scottish GPs – do most of them LOVE their job or do most of them HATE their job?

    Love it

  52. According to a survey of experienced American waitresses, who leave better tips: single men or Married men?

    Married men

  53. Which brewery produces beers called Pedigree, Resolution and Old Empire?


  54. What is the most common make of car purchased by lottery winners: Porsche, Mercedes or Ford?


  55. What of these is the most dangerous industry in the UK (likelihood of having a serious or fatal accident): mining, road-haulage, teaching?


  56. What fetches the most money per gram on the open market? Gold, dinosaur teeth or moon rock?

    moon rock

  57. On the MG cars, what does “MG” stand for?

    Morris Garage

  58. What is Britain’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper?

    News of The World

  59. Which sportswear brand is also the name of the Greek Goddess of Victory?


  60. Who leave bigger tips in restaurants for the over-worked staff: customers who smoke or customers who don’t?


  61. Which public sector workers take the most days off sick: Police, firefighters or nurses?


  62. What do people spend most money on in duty free zones: Rolling Tobacco, Whiskey or Ladies’ Perfume?


  63. What product removed steric acid from the recipe to become kosher for Jews in 1997? Polos, KP nuts or Big Macs?


  64. In the Google logo on, what colour is the letter "E"?


  65. In 1997, the Mattel toy company changed the size of Barbie’s breasts. Were they reduced or enlarged?

    Reduced [from 38 inches down to 34 inches]

  66. Which car company makes a model called the Scenic?


  67. Two gemstones weighing the same. One's a ruby, the other's a sapphire. Which one's more expensive?


  68. Which continental beer uses the slogan “passion beyond reason” in its advertising?

    San Miguel

  69. According to a survey, who leave better tips in restaurants: people from Scotland, Northern Ireland or England?


  70. Which publication ran a campaign in the late 1990s to have all drug dealers hanged: The Sun newspaper or Take a Break magazine?

    Take a Break!

  71. What famous product is manufactured in Uddingston: Birdseye Potato Waffles, Tunnocks Tea Cakes or Irn Bru?


  72. Which of these British daily newspapers sells the most copies: The Guardian, The Telegraph or The Times?


  73. Which chain is older: Tesco or Asda? (in terms of turnover)

    Tesco (founded 1919 - Asda is 1965)

  74. Which supermarket has the most customers in Britain? Safeway, Sainsbury or Tesco?

    Tesco [2003]

  75. Which company made the first tea bags sold in UK - P.G Tips, Typhoo or Tetley?


  76. Which of these British daily newspapers sells most copies: The Guardian, The Independent or The Daily Express?

    The Daily Express

  77. Which national UK newspaper is the oldest: The Sun, The Mirror or The Independent?

    The Mirror (1903)

  78. What is the UK’s biggest selling Daily newspaper?

    The Sun

  79. What is the most expensive city in the world to live in: London, New York or Tokyo?


  80. Where are the most expensive taxis in the world? London, New York or Tokyo?


  81. What did the Sun ban from page three during 1998?

    Topless models with false/enhanced breasts

  82. Which car company makes a model called the Celica?


  83. Which worldwide chain of shops is represented by a cartoon animal called Geoffrey the Giraffe?

    Toys R Us

  84. According to a recent survey, what is the most productive day of the week for UK office workers, the day that people get most work done?


  85. Which Scottish product banned from Saudi Arabia in 1998: Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, Irn Bru or McSween's vegetarian haggis?

    Tunnocks (BSE scare)

  86. According to a recent study - how much money does the average person living in London spend in a lifetime: half a million, two million or ten million pounds?

    Two million

  87. Was the Weightwatchers company founded in the UK or the USA?


  88. Where was Shredded Wheat invented: in Britain or in the USA?


  89. Where was the Birdseye frozen food company founded: UK, USA or Spain?


  90. What does the V in VAT stand for?

    Value (whole acronym is Value Added Tax)

  91. Which American supermarket chain owns Asda?


  92. Who leave more generous tips in restaurants: men or women?


  93. Do students who work to earn money while studying get better or worse degrees than posh kids who don’t have to work for money?


  94. According to a new report, do kids who have a TV in their bedroom do better at school or worse at school?

    Worse - because TV destroys their mind

  95. What was the first product to carry a bar code: coke, Wrigley’s gum or Scottish Bluebell matches?

    Wrigley’s chewing gum

  96. What colour is the M on the McDonalds logo? Answer


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