Free Quiz Questions on animal anatomy and biology. Topics include hair, scales, length, mouths, organs and claws.

  1. Which animal has eyes that work independently so it can see in two different directions at once: a great white shark, a chameleon or a bald eagle?


  2. Which animal has 3 hearts: Tarantula, hippopotamus or octopus?


  3. What colour is a polar bear if you shave it: white, black or pink?


  4. What noise do giraffes make? Do they bleat like sheep or neigh like horses?

    Bleat like sheep

  5. Which land mammal has the largest mouth?


  6. What month of the year are blue whales at their heaviest: January or july?


  7. Do mice breathe more quickly than humans – or more slowly?

    More quickly (163 times per minute)

  8. Which animal often has only one lung: a whale, a snake or a Golden Eagle?


  9. Do octopuses lay eggs or do they give birth to live baby octopuses?

    They lay eggs (up to a hundred thousand at a time).

  10. The biggest fish in the world is the whale shark: how long was the biggest one ever recorded, in metres?

    12.65 metres

  11. How long is the longest insect in the world (cm)

    18 cm (some stick insects are this big)

  12. How many muscles have caterpillars have in their bodies? 10, 700 or 2000?

    2000 muscles

  13. The world’s largest freshwater fish is the catfish: how long, in metres, was the world’s longest known catfish?

    3 metres

  14. How many metres long can a blue whale grow to: 10m, 20m or 30m?

    30 metres

  15. How much does a baby panda weigh when it is first born: 4 ounces, 4 pounds or 4 tons?

    4 ounces

  16. A couple of years ago I went to Edinburgh zoo where they had a one-month old baby giraffe. How tall was the giraffe to the nearest foot?


  17. Which animal has five noses: an ant, a spider or an octopus?


  18. What is larger: Humpback whale, blue whale or sperm whale?

    Blue Whale

  19. What is the biggest animal on planet earth?

    Blue Whale

  20. What is the world’s largest freshwater fish: catfish, dogfish or pike?


  21. Which mammal lays eggs?

    Duck billed platypus

  22. What is the only animal with 4 knees: (Giraffe, Elephant or Crocodile?)


  23. What is the tallest horned animal?


  24. What happens to monkeys as they get old: do they go bald or do they get hairier?

    Go bald.

  25. What is the worlds largest lizard?

    Komodo Dragon

  26. Which gorillas are bigger: male or female (weight)


  27. What animal are humans closer to, genetically speaking... mice or sheep?


  28. Who produces the most fluid in a single sexual ejaculation: a man a chimpanzee or a pig?


  29. Which animal has the world's biggest eye: Giant Squid, Blue Whale or Giraffe?


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