Free Quiz Questions on animals that are owned in farms, labs, front rooms etc. Animals which have fallen under the spell of man.

  1. They did a scientific experiment where they got some ants drunk on booze and put them back with other ants. Did the sober ants carry the drunks home, did the sober ants ignore the drunk ants completely, or did the sober ants attack and kill the boozes ants?

    Carried their pissed mates home

  2. Which is statistically more likely to bite you: a dog or a bitch?


  3. According to a new study by University of Edinburgh, which animals are more neurotic: cats or dogs?


  4. According to animal sexuality studies, which pets are more prone to being gay: dogs or cats or goldfish?


  5. What animal does cashmere wool come from?


  6. Are there more humans or dogs in the USA?


  7. In Britain: are there more chickens or humans?


  8. According to rat scientists: which rats enjoy drinking more alcohol: intelligent rats or stupid rats?


  9. Ben and Jerry give their left over ice cream to local pigs. Pigs love it all except for one flavour which they will not touch. What flavour? Chocolate, Vanilla or Mint?


  10. In a laboratory experiment, chimpanzees were given unlimited access to cocaine but how did they react? Did they try it once and then leave it, did they have bit now and again, or did they take as much as they could all the time before quickly dying of heart failure.

    Overdose and death

  11. Which animal has Prince Charles never ridden on the back of: a camel, a pig, or a killer whale?


  12. According to the RSPCA league table – which is the most vicious of all pet dogs? Mastiff, Alsatian or Poodle?


  13. Which animal provides ermine fur?


  14. Horses are measured in hands – how many centimetres are in a hand?

    10 cm

  15. How heavy, in kilograms, was the world’s largest recorded pig?

    1160 kg

  16. Within 2 years, what is the natural lifespan of a standard issue pet cat?

    16 years

  17. Within 4 inches, how long was the longest recorded dog’s tongue in the world?

    17 inches

  18. How many claws does a domestic cat have?

    18 claws

  19. Within three years, what is the record age (in human years) for a pet dog?

    29 years old

  20. When “Floozie” the white rhino was put down at Edinburgh Zoo in it was because of old age. Within 5 years, how old was she?

    36 years old

  21. What is the natural lifespan of a chicken?

    8 years

  22. Which of these dog breeds is most popular in Britain: Alsatian, Boxer or Yorkshire Terrier?


  23. Ragdoll is the largest breed of which domestic animal?


  24. Which dog is more popular with British pet owners: Cocker Spaniel or Yorkshire Terrier?

    Cocker Spaniel

  25. In terms of cattle, what sex is a heifer: male or female? [pronunciation: heffer]


  26. What has happened to a horse which is called a gelding?

    It has been castrated

  27. What type of dog has a longer lifespan: Jack Russell or a Great Dane?

    Jack Russell (12 v 10 yrs)

  28. Which of these names is most common for dogs in the UK: Jessie, Cassie or Zak?


  29. What is the most popular pet dog in Britain: Yorkshire Terrier, Labrador or Alsatian?


  30. Which dog has the longest life expectancy: Great Dane or Labrador?

    Labrador [13 years v 10 years]

  31. Is a 'colt' a male horse or a female horse?


  32. Is a steer a male or female cattle?


  33. According to research from zoos: do Gorillas enjoy having lots of human visitors or do they get more stressed when the zoo is busy?

    More stressed

  34. When do most ducks lay their eggs: in the morning or the evening?


  35. How do you calm down an isolated, nervous sheep? Do you show it a picture of a sheep they know – show it a picture of the farmer, or show it a picture of the sea?

    Pic of another sheep

  36. The Dickin Medal is the animal version of the Victoria Cross – 53 were awarded to animals who served with the British forces during the Second World War. But which species dominated, winning more than half of those medals: dogs, cats or pigeons?


  37. Which dog has the longest life expectancy: Bulldog, Rottweiler or Poodle?

    Poodle [16 years, others are 8 and 12 respectively]

  38. Which crop does the Colorado Beetle mainly damage?


  39. Which dog has the longest life expectancy: Bulldog or Rottweiler?

    Rottweilier [12 years v 8 years]

  40. How can you humanely repel deer from coming into your garden: Nylon stockings full of human hair, lots of upside down yoghurt pots half-buried in the soil or pictures of Gary Glitter?

    Stockings full of hair

  41. What can you put on your doorstep to stop ants coming into the house? Strips of bacon, slices of cucumber, or dogs’ jobbies?

    The cucumber

  42. What kind of farm animal is a Norfolk Bronze?


  43. A woman’s pet labrador ate her £800 Gucci watch. It sat in the dog’s stomach for two days before there was an operation to remove it. Did the watch still tell the time OK or was it fucked?

    Watch was OK

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