Free Quiz Questions on animals and their amazing skills.Topics include fighting, running fast and infra-red vision.

  1. Does the average chicken lay more or less than a hundred eggs per year?

    more (260 eggs per year)

  2. What animals can smell water from 3 miles away: elephants, chimpanzees or lions?


  3. What animal can survive for a whole year without eating anything: a panda, a python or a penguin?


  4. What animals can sleep for 3 years, then wake up and be fine: octopuses, snails or pandas?


  5. What sort of animal lives in a "lodge" and is known for building dams?


  6. What animal is most intelligent: a pig, a dolphin or an elephant?


  7. According to the experts of the Discovery Channel, who would win a fight between a Siberian Tiger and an African Elephant?


  8. Which animal can run the fastest: a Grizzly Bear or a Gray Fox?

    Gray Fox

  9. Which animal can move at a greater speed: a grizzly bear, a human or a Mongolian wild ass?

    Mongolian wild ass

  10. What do bees take as a raw material to turn into honey: Nectar, Pollen or Water?


  11. What animal can run faster: a horse or an ostrich?


  12. Which animal can move the fastest: a zebra, a whippet or a tunafish?


  13. What is the average life expectancy of a mosquito: 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years?

    2 weeks

  14. What is the natural lifespan of a mouse: 1 year, 3 years or 9 years?

    3 years

  15. What speed can a cheetah get up to in two seconds from a standing start? 25mph? 35mph or 45mph?


  16. What is the natural lifespan of an elephant?

    51 years

  17. Within ten years - how old was the oldest recorded elephant?

    82 years old

  18. Which of these animals can run the fastest: an elephant, a reindeer or a pig?

    A reindeer

  19. When Gorillas are travelling from place to place, do they generally walk on all-fours or on just two legs?

    All fours

  20. Which animal can move the fastest: a bird, a fish or a land animal?

    Bird (peregrine falcon over 200 mph)

  21. What is the fastest land animal?


  22. Which of these animals can get up to the highest speed: cheetah, dolphin or gazelle?


  23. Which animal has the longest natural lifespan: a chicken or a mouse?

    Chicken (8 years as opposed to 3)

  24. Who fart more often in a day: cows or Humans?


  25. What animal can move faster: a dragonfly or a rabbit?


  26. Which of these animals can use their sense of smell to detect water underground: elephants, giraffes or lions?


  27. The male of which Australian bird sits on the eggs to hatch them, whilst the female goes off to mate with another male?


  28. Which bird can live for up to 80 years: penguin, pigeon or flamingo?


  29. Who can go the longest without a drink of water: a camel, a giraffe or a polar bear?


  30. What is the only animal that can see both infra-red and ultra-violet light: is it the goldfish or the tiger?


  31. Who can run at a faster maximum speed: gorillas or humans?


  32. If you decapitate a caterpillar – does it die, does it produce a headless butterfly or can it produce a normal butterfly?

    headless butterfly

  33. What can the tuatara lizard from NZ do that I can’t? See infra-red, hold its breath for over an hour or hear a feather drop from a hundred yards away?

    Holds breath

  34. which animals can run at a greater maximum speed: horses or greyhounds?


  35. I once found a dead bumble bee in my living room window and I kept for three weeks in a dish. After three weeks had it completely decomposed or was it still in good nick?

    It was still absolutely fine (albeit dead)

  36. Who are better at swimming: chimpanzees or kangaroos?


  37. Who sleeps more: a koala bear or a sloth?

    Koala (22 v 20 hours per day)

  38. Which animal can move the fastest: greyhound, giraffe or lion?


  39. Which animal has the longest natural lifespan: blue whale, orang-utan or hippo?

    Orang Utan (50)

  40. Which is the only bird that can see the colour blue: owls, penguins or kingfishers?


  41. Which of these animals cannot look up at the sky if it is standing on flat surface: a llama, a Rat, or Pig?


  42. Which animals cannot be seen at night with infra-red cameras: Bats, Swans or Polar Bears?

    Polar Bears

  43. Which animal can run the fastest: elephant, reindeer or the wild turkey?


  44. Which animal can run the fastest: a chicken, a pig or a black mamba snake?

    Snake (20mph)

  45. Which animal is naturally immune to rabies? Chimpanzees, sheep or squirrels?


  46. Which animal can run the fastest: A Squirrel, a hamster or a wild turkey?

    Wild Turkey

  47. Which animal can run the fastest: a giraffe, a wildebeeste or a zebra?


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