Free Quiz Questions on animals. Topics include names, types, dangerous animals, food, and habitat.

  1. What do rats prefer to eat: cheese or boiled sweets?

    Boiled sweets

  2. What British wild animal makes a nest for itself that is known as a 'form'?


  3. What animal, also known as a bobcat, shares its name with a top-selling brand of underarm deodorant?


  4. Are numbers of Goldfinches in Britain booming, or are the birds nearly extinct [2006]?

    They are booming

  5. What type of animal is a natterjack?

    A toad

  6. What animal has a better chance of catching you on land: a crocodile or an alligator?


  7. What are there most of in the world: Sheep, Chickens or Human Beings?


  8. What do you call a female giraffe: Bitch, Cow or Mare?


  9. Only one sex of mosquito feeds on human blood; is it the male or female?


  10. Only one sex of wasp can actually sting you: is it the male or the female?


  11. Which animal from the following list causes most human fatalities in Africa every year: Lion, crocodile or elephant?


  12. Which flightless bird’s latin name is 'struthio camelus', meaning “sparrow camel”?


  13. What are there most of in Britain: squirrels, rats or humans?


  14. What of these animals can run fastest: a zebra, a rabbit or a wild turkey?


  15. Which animals killed three people in Florida in May2006: Bears, Alligators or Hyenas?


  16. Who or what lives in a formicarium


  17. What kind of animals are the only types of animal on Earth apart from humans that can contract leprosy: panthers, elephants or armadillos?


  18. What is the only food of the giant panda?

    Bamboo Shoots

  19. Which animals kill more people around the world every year: snakes or bees?


  20. What kind of animal is a Booby: a bird, a fish or a mammal?


  21. Are wild crocodiles only found in North America, only found in Africa or found in both?


  22. What is a male elephant called: a bull, a jack or a stallion?


  23. What type of animals are bactrians and dromedaries?

    Camels (one hump or two)

  24. Which species has a greater population in the wild: chimpanzees, gorillas or orang utans?


  25. Which snake is the world’s biggest killer of humans: Anaconda, Cobra or Rattlesnake? (kills 40,000 a year)


  26. What is a termite more closely related to: an ant or a cockroach?


  27. What kind of animal is a lurcher


  28. Is the most poisonous animal in the world: a frog, a snake or a bat?


  29. Who are vegetarian: Gorillas, Chimpanzees or Baboons?


  30. What type of shark kills most people every year: Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, or Hammerhead Shark?

    Great White

  31. The dunnock is another name for which common bird?

    Hedge Sparrow

  32. What type of bird is an Egret?


  33. What large animal's name translates as 'water horse'?


  34. Which animal kills the most people in Africa every year: Lions, Hippos or Elephants?


  35. What is a Daddy Long Legs an insect, a spider, or a type of small bird?

    Insect (Crane fly)

  36. Is the hippopotamus part of the pig family, the horse family or the rat family?

    It's a member of the pig family

  37. What is a baby rabbit called: a puppy or a kitten?


  38. Is a hippopotamus part of the pig family, the horse family or the rat family?


  39. What type of farm animal is a Gloucestershire Old Spot?


  40. A Squab is the young of which bird?


  41. Which are the only animals said to actively hunt humans: tigers, polar bears or vultures?

    Polar Bears

  42. Which bird is also known as the sea parrot because of the shape of its beak


  43. Who are there more of in the UK: squirrels, rats or Human beings?

    Rats. (76 million rats!)

  44. What is the more common name for a 'bander macaque'?

    Rhesus Monkey

  45. The leaves of the mulberry tree are the favourite food of which creature? The silkworm, the three-toed sloth or the South American monkey ant?


  46. What type of animal is a krait: a horse, a snake or a monkey?


  47. What is the favourite food of the sperm whale: Squid, Jellyfish or Sperm?


  48. What animal lives in a drey and has a name which means shadow-tailed?


  49. What is the largest species of Beetle in the U.K. called?

    stag beetle

  50. What is the most observed bird in Britain: Blackbirds, Blue Tits or Starlings?


  51. What kind of animal is a leatherback: snake, toad or turtle?


  52. How many pounds of hay and grain does the average horse eat in a day?

    26 lbs

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