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  1. How long does it take the bit of plastic that holds a beer six-pack together to decompose: 400 years, 4000 years or 4 million years?

    400 years

  2. How many pandas are there left in the world: a couple of hundred, a couple of thousand or a couple of million?

    A few thousand

  3. Scotland’s rat population is booming. What has been blamed as the main cause: global warming, an increase in litter, reality television?


  4. Has all the “save the panda” stuff over the last twenty years actually resulted in increased numbers of pandas or are panda numbers still falling?

    Panda numbers are now going up (2004)

  5. Which of these is an ingredient in dynamite: peanuts, bananas or salt?


  6. Will the majority of the world’s cheeses sink or float if placed in water?


  7. In a box of Co-Op brand Swiss-Style muesli, which of these ingredients is the greatest: sultanas, hazelnuts or sugar?


  8. What is the most consumed food in the world: Rice, Wheat or Bananas? (answer is by weight)


  9. What contained more calories: a portion of fries from McDonalds in 1963 or a portion of McDonalds fries in 2003. Or are they just the same

    2003 fatter (610 cals v 200 cals)

  10. What is the most frequently consumed fruit in the world: apples, oranges or bananas?


  11. Which has most calories: a kiwi fruit or a boiled egg?

    boiled egg (74 cals while kiwi has 47)

  12. How do most animals die in British slaughterhouses: throats slit, do they get a bolt through the skull or are they killed with gas?

    Bolt in skull

  13. What is there most of in a packet of co-op cornflakes: Carbohydrate, fibre or protein?


  14. What has been named most unhealthy carry-out food in a new survey [2006]: Big Mac and Fries, Doner Kebab or Fish and Chips?

    Doner Kebab

  15. Is roast turkey a high protein food or a low protein food?

    High protein

  16. Does the average Easter Egg contain more than 1000 calories or less than 1000 calories?

    More (1269 cals)

  17. Fish question: what colour is a dead mullet: red, blue or yellow?


  18. What colour is the hottest chilli pepper in the world: red or green?


  19. Which thing contains the most grams of fat: one Dunkin Donuts plain donut, one standard size packet of Walkers crisps or one 50g Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar?

    The donut

  20. Which of these has most grams of fat: A Big Mac, A McChicken Sandwich, or a chicken and avocado sandwich from Pret a Manger?

    the Pret a Manger sandwich

  21. What vitamin does beer contain? Vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C or vitamin D?

    Vitamin B

  22. What vitamin is NOT in eggs: Vitamin A, vitamin B or Vitamin C?

    Vitamin C

  23. Which part of an egg is lower in fat: the white or the yolk?


  24. Kimberlite contains what precious item?


  25. What fetches the most money per gram on the open market? Emeralds, sapphires or meteorites from mars?


  26. If you have a million pennies how many pounds have you got?

    £10,000 (ten thousand)

  27. What does the Roman Numerals CD work out as?

    400 (C is 100 and D is 500. When a smalled number comes before a larger one, its subtracted)

  28. What is 70 per cent of 70?

    49 (forty-nine)

  29. With a pile of small change but nothing higher than 50p’s in your pocket, what is the highest amount of coinage that you could have and still not be able to give exact change for a £1?

    £1-43p             (50p + 20p + 20p + 20p + 20p +5p +2p +2p +2p +2p)

  30. If you roll two dice – what is the percentage chance that you will roll a seven?

    17 per cent

  31. Maths: what is the average of 1, 10, and 100?

    37 (thrity-seven

  32. If you double the diameter of a pipe, by how many times is its capacity increased?

    4 times

  33. What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals


  34. What crop is the Colorado Beetle best known for attacking?


  35. How long was the world’s longest ever parsnip: 3ft, 6ft or 12 ft?

    12 foot.

  36. Which Christmas plant has the latin name "ilex"?


  37. What do deciduous trees do?

    Lose their leaves in winter

  38. What plant is opium derived from?


  39. Plants grow faster when they listen to music. But which music makes them grow fastest: Rock, Jazz or Classical?


  40. How many pounds did the world’s largest cucumber weigh?


  41. What is the tallest and thickest kind of grass?


  42. Is broccoli part of the cabbage family, the lettuce family or the leek family?

    Cabbage family

  43. The nut of the horse-chestnut tree is more commonly known by what name?


  44. In nature, what name is given to the dried kernel of coconut?


  45. What kind of tree is a British Mountain Ash: an Evergreen or a Deciduous?

    deciduous (also known as a Rowan tree)

  46. What is the common name for the plant myosotis?


  47. Oil seed rape belongs to which plant family?


  48. What country do Amaryllis bulbs originate from?

    South Africa

  49. Which fruit is also known by the scientific name of `Malus pumila`?

    The apple

  50. Giuseppe Russo from Northamptonshire recently grew a 30ft high sunflower. What drink did he feed to the plants to help them grow so high? Tea, Coffee or Vodka?


  51. Based on figures since 1950, is the percentage chance of a White Christmas happening in London for any given year?

    13 per cent

  52. How many years do scientists reckon it is before the next ice age kicks in: 150 years, 15,000 years or 15million years?

    15,000 years

  53. In degrees centigrade, what is the highest ever recorded outside temperature in Britain?

    38 deg C

  54. How many minutes does it take for a snowflake to fall to earth from 1000 feet?

    9 minutes

  55. What is represented by the number 12 on the Beaufort Scale?

    A hurricane

  56. Scotland. Which month signals the beginning of midgie biting season in the Highlands?

    June (to September)

  57. For the UK to have an official White Christmas, according to the Met Office how much snow has to fall?

    One single snowflake within the 24 hour period

  58. What is the name of the stone at the top of an arch?

    The Keystone

  59. What is 1/60th of a degree called?

    A Minute

  60. What name given to an exploding star?


  61. In an egg, is the ‘albumen’ the yolk or the white?


  62. Is a jellyfish an animal, vegetable or mineral?


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