I got an email today which came from a disgruntled Eggheads contestant applicant.

It said:

"Eggheads is a farce, we auditioned, thrashed the team we played against. Few days later we were told we didn’t get on the show. That was that, but a few weeks later who should be on the show but the team we thrashed. So when they say is there anyone out there that can beat them, yes us but they wont put strong teams on!!!!!"

Dr Paul's Reply

It might be as simple as… they didn’t like you!

Unfortunately TV quiz shows are entertainment rather than sport, and the producers of Eggheads (as in all game shows) are always looking for contestants who they think will make good and interesting telly rather than setting out to apply Olympic standards of  fairness.

I’m not defending their decision to not have you on the show by any means but it’s worth remembering that there are other factors. For instance, profiling.

This means that if there are already too many applicants with a similar gender, race and age profile as your team, then you may struggle to get on. The producers want to see on-screen variety.

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