Here's an idea from Andy Bee in Bournemouth on how to use a Facebook group to get quiz teams coming back.


Every week Andy takes photos of the people at the quiz and then draws random white circles round some people in the snaps before posting them to his group on Facebook.

If your mug is the one in the frame, you print out the picture - take it to the pub and hand to Andy who gives you a prize.

I asked Andy if it works and he said it definitely does. He gives away three or four prizes per week (T-Shirts or 'Fat Bastard' 400g bars of chocolate) and says he got the idea from a nightclub he worked in during the super soaraway 1980s.

He calls the game "Spot The Face" and tries to include regulars and first-timers.

Andy's top tip is to pick someone from a large team to increase the chances of that team returning to the quiz en masse.

For more techniques to get your quiz crowd coming back week after week, you should check out the top rated e-book on the subject: How To Make £100 A Night (Or More) As A Pub Quizmaster, written by me, for you!

Quizmaster Book

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