Everyone's got their favourite quiz question. Some quizmasters like 'trick' questions, some quizmasters like extremely difficult questions and others like questions that are so easy that they become hard. Personally, I like

questions about animals having sex.

But what is the ultimate? The only way to find out is to have a competition and ask you, the nation's quizmasters for your opinion.

The Prize

Become a QuizmasterWinners will receive a copy of my how-to quizmaster e-book "How To Make £100 a Night or More As A Pub Quizmaster" which normally retials for £17.99

Packed with tips on how to get started and rock solid advice from 15 years on the front line, this book will tell you all you need to get started making proper money as a modern pub quizmaster.

There are two prizes: one for each of the two contest categories:

  • best text question
  • best picture question

To Enter

Send the best quiz question in the world (together with the answer) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may enter a question in both categories but you can only enter once. If I receive multiple entries from the same email address, I will take your first entry.


I'll be doing the judging and will be picking a winner based on originality and style. It will probably help if you explain why you think your question is the best.

Closing Date

Closing date for the contest is April 30th. I will pick a winner and email out the prizes shortly after that.

Good luck!

Dr Paul