quizbag_logoQuizbag.com is an Irish site, run by Cillian O'Ruanaidh. The site uses tag-based organisation for its questions and sells them in packages of 100 to those looking to put on a quiz.

Cillian was running the site pretty much on his own quiz-labour until recently but has now opened up the site so you can make money too, simply by supplying the site with good-quality quiz questions which can then be sold as part of Quizbag's quiz-packs.

At the time of writing, the deal is that you get paid a percentage of each quiz pack sold which is equal to the number of your questions that appear in that quiz, divided by two. So if a 100-question quiz selling for 20 Euros contains 9 of your questions, you'll get 90 cents.

If this sounds complicated, I can personally tell you it isn't. I've already signed up, submitted some questions and made money. Give it a shot. You may not make as much money as you would going out and doing quiz nights yourself, but there could be a few extra quid for you at the end of the month.

Sign up by going to Quizbag.com

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