top_trumps-dinoHere's a nice little innovation for those of you running the less-serious type of quiz. I've been using Top Trumps for a long time at my quizzes to elminate contestants.

I often use a format where

the top team gets a booze prize but then we have to decide who is going to have a go at the cash jackpot.

First I'll give the top team a chance and to get to the jackpot question theey have to pass a challenge.

I have various challenges, but an enduringly popular one is the Top Trumps challenge.

How It Works:

  1. Offer the team member a deck of Top Trumps
  2. Ask them to choose a card for them and a card for you and to hand you your one without looking at it.
  3. Once this is done, ask them to say what card they have, which stat they're picking to win and what that stat is.

For instance if your playing with a warships deck and your contestant picks out the following cards:


The Russian sub is theirs and after some thinking, they pick out CREW (130). And because your card, the USS Seawolf, only has 116 able seamen on board, the punter wins.

So give them a shot in the final!

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