IndiaFlag_mapNaveen from Indian site was in touch and he had this to say about the questions on

By the way, I've noticed that the style of quiz questions is quite different in UK when compared to those we have in India. While your questions tend to be on whether on not someone KNOWS a particular bit of trivia, we guys actually try to CRAFT the questions, (say slipping in a clue in the wording of the question for e.g) so that the person trying to answer tries to work out from the same. Our questions tend to be a bit longer due to that.

For e.g. u have a question in your Greek Mythology section:-
Q: Which female warriors in Asia Minor supported Troy against the Greeks?
A: Amazons

I'd have asked it like this....

Q: When Jeff Bezos wanted to name his new website, he chose a name "X" .com because it suggests large size and also in part because it starts with 'A' and so will show up near the beginning of alphabetical lists. Incidentally, the name " X " itself was initially used referring to a nation of all-female warriors in Greek mythology who supported Troy against the Greeks. Just identify "X"

A: Amazon


Thanks Naveen. Of course, my quiz nights tend to be for drunken hooligans with appaling attention-spans, hence the shorter questions, but its interesting to see cultural differences in quiz question-setting.

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