Rock and pop bands use entertaining logos to brand their way into your heart. Here's some quiz picture questions about them.


  1. Which seminal New York hip hop group used this logo?
    Public Enemy

    Public Enemy

  2. Which English rock band have been using this logo since the 1970s?


  3. Which huge British 70s and 80s band used this logo?
    Queen -  band logo


  4. Which world famous rock n roll band has been using this logo since the 1970s?
    Rolling Stones

    Rolling Stones

  5. Which [Canadian Progressive Rock] band uses this logo?


  6. Which Canadian pop punk band used this logo? Clue: Their highest UK chart single so far was a song called “Still Waiting”
    Sum  41

    Sum 41

  7. What English band with ten number one singles in the UK chart used this logo?
    Take  That

    Take That

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