bratchyweemanThe Wee Man and Bratchy are a pair of comedy characters who claim that regular pub quizzes are "dull".

They have reacted to this dullness by creating

their own pub quiz which is going on at what is usually an 'arts' venue (The Arches in Glasgow).

The publicity puff reads: "Be prepared for WWF wrestling and cake eating competitions to the theme of Jaws. And don’t worry about the fierce competition: you may have to sit in the dunce’s corner, but booby prizes are awarded to the total losers and the drinks are cheap. Otherwise, heckle away your preconceived notions of polite pub quizzage in madcap, interactive tomfoolery"


I can't decide whether this is an arts event masquerading as a pub quiz or the other way around. But you never know - it might be good.

If you're anywhere near Glasgow - event is on the 6th August (next Thursday). If you choose to attend, let me know how it goes.

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